Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Happy New Year!

Thank you very much for your visiting, commenting, track backing this blog last year. Only about 10 people are visiting this blog everyday, but I am very happy to see that. I will try to make at least one entry everyday this yaer too.

This is 1st entry in 2006. I want to show this year's plan but it is a little bit difficult. I am now discussing with "A" Co.,Ltd. and "B" Co.,Ltd. I am now working for "B" Co but in fact "A" Co is paying salary to me. I am now trying to quit "A" Co and join "B" Co. "B" Co may assign me a post abroad in near future, Hong Kong or United Sates. It is not fixed yet, so I cannot figure out this year' plan clearly.

My plan in 2006

1.Smooth re-employment
2.Put my affairs in order
3.Cut down on expences
4.Look to my family's safety and hope hor thier health

Ah, this is not interesting. So here is other side:

1.BOOKS: Read 50 books, at least 1 original language.38 books last year. I read Bob Dylan's "Chronicles" in English. Try to read at least 1 English book.
2.MUSIC: Try to listen deeply. Listen my favorite musician more deeply this year.
3.GOLF: 95 is limit. Last year I hit more than 100 some times, but this year 95 is my limit. I will practice basic hard until March this year.
4.BEER: Stop drinking form Monday to Thursday. I drank about 212L of beer last year. I will cut this to 120L this year.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

My life on the green this year

I played 19 rounds this year. Biggest event was of course tour to Monterey peninsura, Pebble beach Golf Links and Spygrass Hill. Round summary is;

Rounds played=19
Stroke average=92.8
Putting average=1.895
Par save=28.1%
Par break=1.5%
Mizuno Golfer's Land Handicap=14

2005.12.13 Funabashi CC 105
2005.11.27 Royal Star GC 97
2005.11.26 Mashiko CC 95
2005.10.29 Tsurumai CC 94
2005.09.23 Yachiyo GC 83
2005.08.27 Chiba CC Umesato Course 85
2005.8.16 Central GC 94
2005.07.16 Horin CC 95
2005.06.26 Horin CC 83
2005.06.24 Kawana Hotel GC Fuji Course 93
2005.06.12 Hirakawa CC 86
2005.05.28 Hirakawa CC 89
2005.05.06 Pebble Beach GL 104
2005.05.05 Spygrass Hill 95
2005.05.03 Poplar Creek GC 89
2005.04.10 Royal Star GC 93
2005.03.13 La Vista Golf Resort 101
2005.02.26 Abeiding Club 92
2005.01.28 Abiko GC 90

Saturday, December 24, 2005

My music life this year

I summarized my music life this year. My most favorite musician is of course 1.Neil Young, 2.Bob Dylan, but Bob Dylan won this year because he issued 3 big titles, No Direction Home Bootleg Series CDs, Chronicles, No Direction Home DVDs.

I bought CDs and DVDs below from Amazon and HMV:

1.Neil Young/Prairie Wind
2.Woodstock - 3 Days of Peace & Music (The Director's Cut) DVD
3.Goodbye, Babylon [BOX SET]
4.Bob Dylan/At Budokan [Live In Japan, February, 1978]
5.Bob Dylan/No Direction Home (2pc) (Full)
6.The Band/A Musical History [BOX SET]
7.Bob Dylan/Self Portrait
8.Anthology Of American Folk Music (Edited By Harry Smith) [COMPILATION]
9.The Byrds/Play the Songs of Bob Dylan [ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED]
10.Bob Dylan/No Direction Home: Bootleg Series, Vol. 7
11.Carol King/The Living Room Tour [LIVE]
12.Jeoff & Maria Muldaur/Sweet Potatoes
13.Eric Clapton/Back Home
14.Jeoff & Amos
15.Van Morrison/Magic Time
16.Bluce Brothers [DVD] (2003)
17.Van Morrison/Tell Me Something: The Songs Of Mose Allison
18.In Harmony: A Sesame Street Record [COMPILATION]
19.Nicolette Larson/Radioland
20.Nicolette Larson/In the Nick of Time
21.Ray Charles/Genius Loves Company [ENHANCED]
22.Nicolette Larson/All Dressed Up & No Place To Go
23.Ben Keith/Seven Gates Xmas Album
24.Gerry Goffin / It Ain't Exactly Entertainment

I got other CDs and DVDs form my friends:

1.Cream - Royal Albert Hall - London May 2-3-5-6 2005
2.Linda Ronstadt Live at Budokan and other bootleg CDs and DVDs
3.Nicolette Larson Tribute Concert bootleg CDs
4.Lowell George Tribute Concert bootleg DVD

I also bought bootleg DVDs below last Sunday:

1.The Allman Brothers Band/Fillmore East '70
2.Bob Dylan/The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration
3.Van Morrison/Wonderland Concert 6.24.'77
4.The Rolling Stones/Live in Marquee 1971(gift from bootleg shop)

I got "Goodbye, Babylon"

This evening, I got "Goodbye, Babylon" CD set from This is a Xmas present for myself.  Bod Dylan gave it to Neil Young.

Thrasher reported in his blog:
At Neil Young's Nashville concerts at the Ryman Auidtorium on August 18, 2005, he introduced the song "This Old Guitar" by saying:
"This is Hank William's guitar [he points to the guitar]. I try to do the right thing with the guitar. You don't want to stink with Hank's guitar. I lent it to Bob Dylan for a while. He didn't have a tour bus so I lent him mine and I left the guitar on the bed with a note saying Hank's guitar is back there. He used it for a couple of months."
And Dylan has been known to return the favor to Neil. From an article in The Independent in September 2005, Young said that Bob Dylan recently gave him a copy of "Goodbye Babylon", a box collection of gospel and early country roots music. Young has also read Dylan's recent autobiography, "Chronicles"

Following is from's album description.

Goodbye Babylon is a 6 CD gospel reissue collection. 5 CDs contain 135 songs from 1902-1960 and the 6th disc is comprised of 25 sermons recorded between 1926-1941. Also included is a 200 page book complete with Bible verses, lyric transcriptions, and notes for each recording, plus over 200 illustrations. - Art direction and design by World of anArchie, the Grammy winning team behind "Screamin' and Hollerin' the Blues: The Worlds of Charley Patton," and other fine works such as "Dock Boggs Country Blues," and "Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music, Volume IV." - Sound restoration and mastering by Airshow Mastering, the team that restored the "Anthology of American Folk Music" (Smithsonian Folkways, 1997), and won a Grammy for their work on "Screamin' and Hollerin' the Blues: The Worlds of Charley Patton" (Revenant, 2002). - Reverently packed in raw cotton and housed in a deluxe 8" x 11" x 2.5" cedar box. Notes and essays by musicologists and scholars, including several Grammy winners. - Contributors include Lynn Abbott, David Evans, Ray Funk, Anthony Heilbut, Kip Lornell, Luigi Monge, Paul Oliver, Opal Louis Nations, Bruce Nemerov, Guido van Rijn, Ken Romanowski, Tony Russell, Doug Seroff, Dick Spottswood, Warren Steel, David Tibet, Gayle Dean Wardlow, and Charles Wolfe.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Increasing memory of my VAIO

I went to Shinjuku to buy some bootlegs of Bob Dylan, the Allman Brothers band and Van Morrison last Sunday. I met Mr. M at Sakuraya, Shinjuku Nishiguchi where I bought 216MB memory fo my vaio desktop. We bought some bootlegs. In the evening we had a diner at Enso, famous Kanetanaka's "sumibi" restaurant.

Anyway I put 216MB memory to my Vaio, which memory was increased to 512MB at last. Wow, it is great.