Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Tribute to Nicolette Larson: Lotta Love Concert

I have Disc 3-4 of "Condolences To Urban Cowgirl - A Tribute to Nicolette Larson" issued by Vague Records, which is a rare item of Nicolette Larson who died at 45 in 1998. Rhino will issue it's shortened version on Feb 14. It will be only one disc, but checking musicians and tunes, it is exactly same source of "Condolences To Urban Cowgirl - A Tribute to Nicolette Larson", which was performed 2 months later after death of Nicolette, at Civic Auditorium at Santa Monica, CA.Jackson Browne, Jimmy Buffett, Crosby Stills & Nash, Dan Forgelberg, Carole King, Little Feat, Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt, Joe Walsh etc. joined the concert. I wonder why Neil Young was not there although Nicolette sang on a lot of his albums and her top 10 hit in 1979, "Lotta Love" was written by Neil. Anyway I ordered this album to Amazon Japan.

1.Lotta Love -- Ensemble
2.Part of the Plan -- Dan Fogelberg
3.Rocky Mountain Way -- Joe Walsh
4.Cold, Cold, Cold -- Little Feat & Bonnie Raitt
5.Love Has No Pride -- Bonnie Raitt
6.Wonderful Life -- Michael Ruff
7.Up On the Roof -- Carole King
8.For A Dancer -- Jackson Browne
9.Running on Empty -- Jackson Browne
10.Even Cowgirls Get the Blues -- Emmylou Harris
11.Blue Bayou -- Linda Ronstadt
12.In My Life -- Crosby, Stills & Nash
13.Southern Cross -- Crosby, Stills & Nash
14.Margaritaville -- Jimmy Buffet
15.You've Got A Friend -- Ensemble

Further more, Rhino Handmade annouced they would issue Nicolette's "Live at the Roxy", which is also very rare item because it was issued for promotion only and on vinyl only. My good friends has this rare vinyl and will make handmade CD for me. Thanks! It's good enough, so I will not order this.

By the way, for tribute album, I also ordered "Rock and Roll Doctor: A Tribute to Lowell George". Actually I have a bootleg DVD of his tribute concert with Little Feat, Linda Ronstadt, Nicolette Larson and Bonnie Raitt etc. But this is different.

1. Cold Cold Cold - Bonnie Raitt
2. Feets Don't Fail Me Now - Taj Mahal
3. Roll Um Easy - J.D. Souther
4. Rocket in My Pocket - David Lindley
5. Sailin' Shoes - Randy Newman
6. I've Been the One - Jackson Browne
7. Two Trains - Allen Toussaint
8. Long Distance Love - Merry Clayton
9. Rock & Roll Doctor - Eddie Money
10. Straight from the Heart - Jennifer Warnes
11. Honest Man - Little Feat
12. Spanish Moon - Phil Perry
13. Trouble - Inara George
14. Lowell's Voice - Lowell George

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Chronicles Vol.1/Bob Dylan

I have finished to read Japanese translation of "Chronicles Vol.1/Bob Dylan" last week. Actually, I read this book in English before, but I could not understand fully in English, so I borrowed this from city library. Translator, Mr.Kanno Heckel has worked for Dylan in CBS Sony, Japan before and is famous Dylan researcher. His translation is real good.

Dylan is genius. I don't know it is a fiction or not, but his detailed description of New Orleans in "Oh Mercy" is really beautiful and surprising.

Two points which I still can't understand are;
1.During a rehearsal with Grateful Dead, Dylan went to a bar and learned how to sing from a jazz singer. What kind of singing?
2.Dylan learned a new guitar playing style from Lonnie Johnson. I don't play guitar, but I can't understand what it is.
Please let me know if someone can explain them easily to understand.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Goodbye, Babylon

I'm listening to "Goodbye, Babylon" on the way to my office on the train. I also read 200 pages booklet every evening before going to my bed little by little. These CDs are great. Most of the songs were recorded in 1920s and 1930s which are mixture of gospel, country, blues and more.

I like modern american music. But there is only a few musicians which I'm always listening to. The Band is among them, and I can hear Levon-Helm-like vocal in (1)Disc 1-Track 14, Louvin Brothers "I'll Never Go Back" WMPS Radio, Memphis, 1952, (2)Disc 1-Track 16 Luther Magby "Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit" Atlanta, Nov.1927 and (3)Disc 4-Track 26 Luther Magby "Jesus Is Getting Us Ready for the Great Day" Atlanta, Nov.1927.

Louvin Brothers are mentioned in Wikipedia;
The Louvin Brothers were Charlie and Ira Louvin, an American duo best-known as the popularizers of close harmony, a kind of country music. The genre evolved in the 1930s from traditional Appalachian folk music; performers like Blue Sky Boys, Delmore Brothers and Monroe Brothers inspired the Louvins, whose career peaked in the 1950s.

The Louvin Brothers' career began in gospel music in the 1940s, with their first foray into secular music being the minor hit "The Get Acquainted Waltz" (recorded with Chet Atkins). Other hits included "Cash on the Barrel Head" and "When I Stop Dreaming". They joined the Opry in 1955, and stayed there until breaking up in 1963.

In 2001, the Louvin bothers were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Luther Magby is mentioned in;
This Southern gospel artist created recordings in the late '20s that have become favorites of the primitive gospel cult, but Luther Magby is hardly a relic with as little life as the dust settling between grooves of vinyl. In 2002, he was still maintaining a busy performing schedule, including gospel shows at a variety of state fairs. Not bad for a guy who cut an astonishing version of "Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit" for the OKeh label in 1927. This and one other track featuring Magby are part of the Document set entitled Storefront & Streetcorner Gospel: 1927 -- 1929, an important contribution to the documentation not only of the black American gospel scene, but of the use of music as part of religious services in general. He is also featured on the Revenant American Primitive, Vol. 1 set, which is where quite a few decadent listeners have discovered his vocal charms, being otherwise unwilling to sit still for gospel services. Nobody save the original '20s OKeh talent scouts have seen fit to record this artist, apparently.