Saturday, April 29, 2006

Live Albums listening with gigabeat of Toshiba

I don't use iPod. I bought a gigabeat of Toshiba two yeas ago because everybody has iPod. Hard disk of new gigabeat was broken with just one month use and I asked Toshiba to repair. After that my gigabeat is going very well. I 'm listening to it for about three hours on a weekday on my way to/from my office. I'm listening albums by alphabetical order of album title. Now is "L". I listend to LED ZEPPELIN 1-4、LET IT BREED by ROLLING STONES. After that I started to listen to the albums with title starting with LIVE---;

1.LIVE 1961-2000/BOB DYLAN

(To be continued)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Neil Young with Linda and/or Nicolette(5)Rust Never Sleeps

4th album of Neil Young with Linda Ronstadt and/or Nicolette Larson is "Rust Never Sleeps". In late 1978, after releasing of various reviews of "Comes A Time", Young started next job, which had 23 shows with Crazy Horse in Unite States. Some critics said the show was too exaggerated because the set had too large amplifier or speakers. I think it was actually Neil Young. Neil Young is Neil Young. He married with Pegi in these days and he should have been happy, but he didn't. His 2nd son, Ben, between Pegi, was cerebral palsy. On the day before final show, his house in Maribu was burned to ashes as there was a big fire in southern California. However Young went forward on projects in 1979. In July,the film, "Rust Never Sleeps" was released. This was filmed at the live at San Francisco Cow Palace in October 22, 1978. All critics didn't welcome this screenplay, but it didn't make bad impact on the album, "Rust Never Sleeps".

Young chose best acoustic and electric sets in this album. 1."My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)" was said as one of his best songs at that time. "The King" in the words "The King is gone" in this song is Jonny Rotten of Sex Pistols. 2."Thrasher" is a song with long lyric. I believe Mr.Thrasher of Neil Young News likes this song. By the way, title, "Rust Never Sleeps" is the words in the last song "Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)"

I'm sorry, preface was too long. Don't forget Nicolette Larson. Acoustic sets of 1-5 were all performed by Neil Young, Nicolette Larson, Joe Osborne, and Carl Himmel, says the liner. But I can hear Nicolette's harmony only in 5. "Sail Away". We don't know when and where these songs were recorded. There are several live performances in 1-5, but Rust Never Sleeps Live was with Crazy Horse, so no Nicolette or Himmel during that tour. I can hear some harmony in 3.Pocahontas, but I can't recognize who is singing.

Rust Never Sleeps by Neil Young

1.My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)
3.Ride My Lama
5.Sail Away
6.Powder Finger
7.Welfare Mothers
8.Sedan Delivery
9.Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Who was the opening actor at The Roxy Theatre

Nicolette Larson's Live At The Roxy was performed at The Roxy Theatre at Sunset Blvd. W. Hollywood, California on December 20, 1978. So, when this memorial theatre opend and who was the opening actor? According to my favorite book about Neil Young, John Robertson's "Neil Young: The Visual Documentary", says that from September 20 to 23 of 1973, Neil Young and Crazy Horse performed main act and Graham Nash was supporting act at the opening of The Roxy. It is said Young performed two shows a day with no guarantee for the owners of The Roxy, Lou Adler or David Geffin, etc. Audience was not satisfied because Young didn't play hit songs. Young bought each audience a drink. He thought owners shoud pay, but manager of The Roxy didn't want to. I need to confirm this until the page of the history of The Roxy on thier website disclose this.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Neil Young with Linda and/or Nicolette(4)Comes A Time

Young was recording so called "Gone with The Wind" album after "American Stars'n Bars" but he reconsidered songs list or something and release was delayed so much. Renamed "Comes A Time" was released finally in September 1978. Fans and critics welcomed this new album. Young used so many musicians for this album, including my favorite Karl Himmel, drums, J.J. Cale, guitar, called "Gone With The Wind Orchestra". Crazy Horse also joined recording. So many people but they were well controlled. Beautiful songs there. 10.Four Strong Winds by Ian Tyson, Canada. Young had not recorded other musician's songs ever.

Now to return to the subject. Biggest point of this album is powerful and beautiful Nicolette Larson's harmony vocal, I believe. Her vocal was featured on most of the songs on this album. On the album she was a partner of Young, not a backing vocal only. Young originally planned to release "Lotta Love" on "American Stas'n Bars", but he allowed Larson to release it on her first album, but he recorded this song on "Comes A Time".

"Comes A Time" by Neil Young
1.Goin' Back
2.Comes a Time
3.Look Out for My Love
4.Lotta Love
5.Peace of Mind
6.Human Highway
7.Already One
8.Field of Opportunity
9.Motorcycle Mama
10.Four Strong Winds

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Neil Young with Linda and/or Nicolette(3)American Stars'n Bars

American Stars'n Bars by Neil Young was memorial album which he introduced Nicolette Larson to music scene by chance. In 1977, the next year when this album was released, album "Nicolette" was released with a lot of first-class musicians in west coast.

How did Young know Nicolette? According to John Rogan's "NEIL YOUNG:The Definitive Story of his Musical Career", Young asked Linda Ronstadt to find female vocalist for his new album. Linda told Young, "I recommend Nicolette, but I will come too." On April 4, 1977 two female vocalists came to Young's Ranch, I think this should be in Woodside, and sang some songs but they thought this was a rehearsal. They sang backing vocal at 1-5. At the last part of 1.The Old Country Waltz, there is a female cheerful laugh, which should be Linda's. Mixing of backing vocal was very modest, so it is a bit difficult to distinguish who are singing on the back. Album was issued in June 1977. 8.Like A Hurricane's single mix was finished. Album reached to 21th at US album chart of Billboard on August 27. According to John Robertson's "Neil Young: The Visual Documentary", Young started close association with Nicolette. He also started recording of new album, which temporary title was "Gone With The Wind". Nicolette played very important part of this new album.

Young also welcomed Emmylou Harris for backing vocal to 6.Star Of Bethlehem. Linda, Nicolette and Emmylou, wow! 3 big female vocalist on his back, Young completed "American Stars'n Bars".

"American Stars'n Bars" by Neil Young
1. The Old Country Waltz
2. Saddle Up Palomino
3. Hey Babe
4. Hold Back The Tears
5. Bite The Bullet
6. Star Of Bethlehem
7. Will To Love
8. Like A Hurricane
9. Homegrown