Sunday, April 23, 2006

Neil Young with Linda and/or Nicolette(5)Rust Never Sleeps

4th album of Neil Young with Linda Ronstadt and/or Nicolette Larson is "Rust Never Sleeps". In late 1978, after releasing of various reviews of "Comes A Time", Young started next job, which had 23 shows with Crazy Horse in Unite States. Some critics said the show was too exaggerated because the set had too large amplifier or speakers. I think it was actually Neil Young. Neil Young is Neil Young. He married with Pegi in these days and he should have been happy, but he didn't. His 2nd son, Ben, between Pegi, was cerebral palsy. On the day before final show, his house in Maribu was burned to ashes as there was a big fire in southern California. However Young went forward on projects in 1979. In July,the film, "Rust Never Sleeps" was released. This was filmed at the live at San Francisco Cow Palace in October 22, 1978. All critics didn't welcome this screenplay, but it didn't make bad impact on the album, "Rust Never Sleeps".

Young chose best acoustic and electric sets in this album. 1."My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)" was said as one of his best songs at that time. "The King" in the words "The King is gone" in this song is Jonny Rotten of Sex Pistols. 2."Thrasher" is a song with long lyric. I believe Mr.Thrasher of Neil Young News likes this song. By the way, title, "Rust Never Sleeps" is the words in the last song "Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)"

I'm sorry, preface was too long. Don't forget Nicolette Larson. Acoustic sets of 1-5 were all performed by Neil Young, Nicolette Larson, Joe Osborne, and Carl Himmel, says the liner. But I can hear Nicolette's harmony only in 5. "Sail Away". We don't know when and where these songs were recorded. There are several live performances in 1-5, but Rust Never Sleeps Live was with Crazy Horse, so no Nicolette or Himmel during that tour. I can hear some harmony in 3.Pocahontas, but I can't recognize who is singing.

Rust Never Sleeps by Neil Young

1.My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)
3.Ride My Lama
5.Sail Away
6.Powder Finger
7.Welfare Mothers
8.Sedan Delivery
9.Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)


Thrasher said...

Yes, I do like that Thrasher song! Great posts on Linda & Nicollete!
Keep on Rockin!

firehills said...

Mr.Thrasher, thanks for your comment. Your comments always encourage me to make a new post of Neil Young.