Sunday, April 16, 2006

Who was the opening actor at The Roxy Theatre

Nicolette Larson's Live At The Roxy was performed at The Roxy Theatre at Sunset Blvd. W. Hollywood, California on December 20, 1978. So, when this memorial theatre opend and who was the opening actor? According to my favorite book about Neil Young, John Robertson's "Neil Young: The Visual Documentary", says that from September 20 to 23 of 1973, Neil Young and Crazy Horse performed main act and Graham Nash was supporting act at the opening of The Roxy. It is said Young performed two shows a day with no guarantee for the owners of The Roxy, Lou Adler or David Geffin, etc. Audience was not satisfied because Young didn't play hit songs. Young bought each audience a drink. He thought owners shoud pay, but manager of The Roxy didn't want to. I need to confirm this until the page of the history of The Roxy on thier website disclose this.

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