Monday, July 31, 2006

Living with War

Neil Young News: Reviews of "Living with War"

I was listening to Neil Young's new album, "Living with War" in my car last Saturday on my way to the golf course. Young is protesting Bush's administration as album title says. Music is simple and powerful with Young on electric guitar, Chad Cromwell on drums, Rick Ross on bass and Tommy Bray on trumpet only. 100 voices (choir members) are really good, with Andrew Gold, Rosemary Butler, Wendy Waldman or other singers. Above link is from thrasher's Neil Young News, which covers various review of this album.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Moleskine Diary

Yesterday I bought a Moleskine's 2006 weekly diary. I didn't know Moleskine. I found this diary in Joyful Honda, one of the largest home center in Japan near my home. I have a Sanno's desk diary, but a part of memo is already full because I had a lot of notes in Vietnam. So I have to have one more diary. It is already July, so Moleskine's was just JPY500 (usual price is more than JPY2,000). Moleskine's diaries are very simple, black & white. I like it. Gogh and Picasso used them long time ago. In cinemas, Richard Gear has one in "Shall we dance?", Nicolas Cage has one in "National Treasure". Web site doesn't say but it is said Harrison Ford has one in "Indiana Jones" series.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

firehills finished reading"Second Foundation" by Isaac Asimov

I finished reading "Second Foundation" by Isaac Asimov. To tell the truth I'm a beginner for Isaac Asimov, but I have read most of robot series and Foundation and Empire series. I usually borrow the books of Asimov, of course translated in Japanese, from my home town library and read on the way to my office. It is around three-hours round trip from my home to the office. I have enough time to read books and listen to the music, although I often sleep in the train.

Asimov, we cannot but be surprised by his great talent. Foundation series is a long space epic. I wish I were able to read the original book in English. But it takes a time, so I cannot help reading in Japanese.

Busy week has finished

On Jul 24(Mon) and 25(Tue), I tried to catch up my business in Japan. I also told everything I did in Hanoi to my successor, who would go to Hanoi next week. On Jul 26(Wed) I went to Lion Beer restaurant as I told you before. On Jul 27(Thu) I went to "Toan Toan" Vietnam Dining in Kawaguchi-City, Saitama, where I had a lot of local beers in Vietnam and NepMoi. Dishes were good and very sofisticated or modified to match to Japanese people, of course it was much more expensive than in Vietnam.

On Jul 28(Fri), I thought I would go home earlier because of golf on Saturday. But I went to Shinbashi, Tokyo to have a drink again with my friend, who just arrived Tokyo on Thursday from San Francisco. He is a famouse Japanese consultant in Silicon Valley and we played golf together several times in Silicon Valley during 2000-2002. In February this year we met at same bar in Shinbashi after 4 years interval. On Friday he invited his friends too, who was a economic journalist. He told me a lot of intersting stories about Asian countries, like Vietnam, Thailand, etc. To meet people for the first time is exciting, if he or she has an experience which I don't have.

And today, I went to Kanuma Country Club for a 12-players tournament in my office. As I couldn't score below 100 in Vietnam and last time in Taiheiyo Associates Saherwood Course, I did't expect to make it today too. But I made it today! Out 45, In 47, total 92, which was a very average score of mine in Japan. Ah, I'm relieved.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

firehills went to Ginza Lion Beer Restaurant

This evening I went to Ginza Lion beer restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo. My three friends gathered today, who I worked with together in Hong Kong around 1990. They are still in same company, although I quit the company and joined completely different type of company. I had more than two liters of Yebisu draft beer, one of Japanese premier beer. It was a time of supreme bliss.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

firehills starts preparing visa to U.S.A.

Today I have started preparing to get non-immigrant working visa to United States. I'm not sure whether it will be L visa or E visa. Lawyer in United States asked me to prepare some documents including curriculum vitae, graduation certificate of university, etc. It takes around two months to get visa, I suppose, so I will leave Japan maybe in October. In U.S.A. I will be staying in Atlanta, Georgia. I know about U.S.A. in California, a part of Nevada and Hawaii only. I'm looking forward to living in Atlanta so much. However, again I will be going by myself, without my family...

Monday, July 24, 2006

Living with War by Neil Young

Today I got an album "Living with War" by Neil Young. You may think "why now? It's too late." But I was in Hanoi, Vietnam, where I ould not have confidence to receive CD by air mail. So I had to wait more than two months until I came back to Japan to order to Amazon Japan. In Vietnam, I used to listen to this CD at the Living with War Blog. I don't comment on his political message because many people already talked about it. I just listen to Young's music. It's alright.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

I bought a guitar for my daughter

I bought an acoustic guitar for my daughter, 13 years old, today. Her birthday is July 31, so it's an early birthday present. We went together to the shopping mall near my home, where there is a Shimamura Music. I decided to buy one of Shimamura's brand acoustic guitar, James JB400, which was relatively small, and seemed suitable for a beginner.

She looked very happy today and has been in her room playing a guitar. Not playing, just learning by herself. Anyway I'm happy to see her smaile. I will be going to U.S.A. for a new assignment, without my family again, so these 2-3 months should be a special time for me.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Taiheiyo Associates Sherwood Course

We had a golf tournament of Tokyo Bay Club at Taiheiyo Associates Sherwood Course yesterday. I was a tournament cordinator yesterday because I won the tournament last time. But I scored more than 100 yesterday with several out of bounds and lost balls. Putting was not bad. I could not score below 100 in Vietnam and I told my friends golf courses in Vietnam were so tough, but it is not a reason for me to score below 100. It is just my skills, not a problem of golf courses. I may struggle to score below 100 for some rounds. Next rounds will be next week on Jul 29 at Kanuma. Need to adjust my swing.

I'm back now.

I came back to Japan from Hanoi, Vietnam in Tuesday morning. It took arounf 5 hours midnight flight, but I could not sleep at all. From Narita Airport, it took just 1 hour by bus. Finally I arrived my home around 10:15 am on July 18 after 2 months absence. I did not start my "70 days in Hanoi blog" because I had a dinner with my friends on Wed and Thu, went to Aizu for 1 day business trip. It takes 4 hours from my home to Aizu Wakamatsu, I'm so tired today but I went to golf course to Taiheiyo Associates Oarai Sherwood, where I scored more than 100! In Vietnam I could not score below 100. It seems 100 is my usual score now.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

70 days in Hanoi

I create new blog, 70 days in Hanoi at It takes some time to post. It will be a long story.