Sunday, July 30, 2006

Moleskine Diary

Yesterday I bought a Moleskine's 2006 weekly diary. I didn't know Moleskine. I found this diary in Joyful Honda, one of the largest home center in Japan near my home. I have a Sanno's desk diary, but a part of memo is already full because I had a lot of notes in Vietnam. So I have to have one more diary. It is already July, so Moleskine's was just JPY500 (usual price is more than JPY2,000). Moleskine's diaries are very simple, black & white. I like it. Gogh and Picasso used them long time ago. In cinemas, Richard Gear has one in "Shall we dance?", Nicolas Cage has one in "National Treasure". Web site doesn't say but it is said Harrison Ford has one in "Indiana Jones" series.

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