Saturday, July 22, 2006

I'm back now.

I came back to Japan from Hanoi, Vietnam in Tuesday morning. It took arounf 5 hours midnight flight, but I could not sleep at all. From Narita Airport, it took just 1 hour by bus. Finally I arrived my home around 10:15 am on July 18 after 2 months absence. I did not start my "70 days in Hanoi blog" because I had a dinner with my friends on Wed and Thu, went to Aizu for 1 day business trip. It takes 4 hours from my home to Aizu Wakamatsu, I'm so tired today but I went to golf course to Taiheiyo Associates Oarai Sherwood, where I scored more than 100! In Vietnam I could not score below 100. It seems 100 is my usual score now.

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