Saturday, July 29, 2006

Busy week has finished

On Jul 24(Mon) and 25(Tue), I tried to catch up my business in Japan. I also told everything I did in Hanoi to my successor, who would go to Hanoi next week. On Jul 26(Wed) I went to Lion Beer restaurant as I told you before. On Jul 27(Thu) I went to "Toan Toan" Vietnam Dining in Kawaguchi-City, Saitama, where I had a lot of local beers in Vietnam and NepMoi. Dishes were good and very sofisticated or modified to match to Japanese people, of course it was much more expensive than in Vietnam.

On Jul 28(Fri), I thought I would go home earlier because of golf on Saturday. But I went to Shinbashi, Tokyo to have a drink again with my friend, who just arrived Tokyo on Thursday from San Francisco. He is a famouse Japanese consultant in Silicon Valley and we played golf together several times in Silicon Valley during 2000-2002. In February this year we met at same bar in Shinbashi after 4 years interval. On Friday he invited his friends too, who was a economic journalist. He told me a lot of intersting stories about Asian countries, like Vietnam, Thailand, etc. To meet people for the first time is exciting, if he or she has an experience which I don't have.

And today, I went to Kanuma Country Club for a 12-players tournament in my office. As I couldn't score below 100 in Vietnam and last time in Taiheiyo Associates Saherwood Course, I did't expect to make it today too. But I made it today! Out 45, In 47, total 92, which was a very average score of mine in Japan. Ah, I'm relieved.

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