Saturday, April 01, 2006

Neil Young with Linda and/or Nicolette(3)American Stars'n Bars

American Stars'n Bars by Neil Young was memorial album which he introduced Nicolette Larson to music scene by chance. In 1977, the next year when this album was released, album "Nicolette" was released with a lot of first-class musicians in west coast.

How did Young know Nicolette? According to John Rogan's "NEIL YOUNG:The Definitive Story of his Musical Career", Young asked Linda Ronstadt to find female vocalist for his new album. Linda told Young, "I recommend Nicolette, but I will come too." On April 4, 1977 two female vocalists came to Young's Ranch, I think this should be in Woodside, and sang some songs but they thought this was a rehearsal. They sang backing vocal at 1-5. At the last part of 1.The Old Country Waltz, there is a female cheerful laugh, which should be Linda's. Mixing of backing vocal was very modest, so it is a bit difficult to distinguish who are singing on the back. Album was issued in June 1977. 8.Like A Hurricane's single mix was finished. Album reached to 21th at US album chart of Billboard on August 27. According to John Robertson's "Neil Young: The Visual Documentary", Young started close association with Nicolette. He also started recording of new album, which temporary title was "Gone With The Wind". Nicolette played very important part of this new album.

Young also welcomed Emmylou Harris for backing vocal to 6.Star Of Bethlehem. Linda, Nicolette and Emmylou, wow! 3 big female vocalist on his back, Young completed "American Stars'n Bars".

"American Stars'n Bars" by Neil Young
1. The Old Country Waltz
2. Saddle Up Palomino
3. Hey Babe
4. Hold Back The Tears
5. Bite The Bullet
6. Star Of Bethlehem
7. Will To Love
8. Like A Hurricane
9. Homegrown

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