Saturday, April 08, 2006

Neil Young with Linda and/or Nicolette(4)Comes A Time

Young was recording so called "Gone with The Wind" album after "American Stars'n Bars" but he reconsidered songs list or something and release was delayed so much. Renamed "Comes A Time" was released finally in September 1978. Fans and critics welcomed this new album. Young used so many musicians for this album, including my favorite Karl Himmel, drums, J.J. Cale, guitar, called "Gone With The Wind Orchestra". Crazy Horse also joined recording. So many people but they were well controlled. Beautiful songs there. 10.Four Strong Winds by Ian Tyson, Canada. Young had not recorded other musician's songs ever.

Now to return to the subject. Biggest point of this album is powerful and beautiful Nicolette Larson's harmony vocal, I believe. Her vocal was featured on most of the songs on this album. On the album she was a partner of Young, not a backing vocal only. Young originally planned to release "Lotta Love" on "American Stas'n Bars", but he allowed Larson to release it on her first album, but he recorded this song on "Comes A Time".

"Comes A Time" by Neil Young
1.Goin' Back
2.Comes a Time
3.Look Out for My Love
4.Lotta Love
5.Peace of Mind
6.Human Highway
7.Already One
8.Field of Opportunity
9.Motorcycle Mama
10.Four Strong Winds

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