Saturday, January 21, 2006

Chronicles Vol.1/Bob Dylan

I have finished to read Japanese translation of "Chronicles Vol.1/Bob Dylan" last week. Actually, I read this book in English before, but I could not understand fully in English, so I borrowed this from city library. Translator, Mr.Kanno Heckel has worked for Dylan in CBS Sony, Japan before and is famous Dylan researcher. His translation is real good.

Dylan is genius. I don't know it is a fiction or not, but his detailed description of New Orleans in "Oh Mercy" is really beautiful and surprising.

Two points which I still can't understand are;
1.During a rehearsal with Grateful Dead, Dylan went to a bar and learned how to sing from a jazz singer. What kind of singing?
2.Dylan learned a new guitar playing style from Lonnie Johnson. I don't play guitar, but I can't understand what it is.
Please let me know if someone can explain them easily to understand.

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