Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Happy New Year!

Thank you very much for your visiting, commenting, track backing this blog last year. Only about 10 people are visiting this blog everyday, but I am very happy to see that. I will try to make at least one entry everyday this yaer too.

This is 1st entry in 2006. I want to show this year's plan but it is a little bit difficult. I am now discussing with "A" Co.,Ltd. and "B" Co.,Ltd. I am now working for "B" Co but in fact "A" Co is paying salary to me. I am now trying to quit "A" Co and join "B" Co. "B" Co may assign me a post abroad in near future, Hong Kong or United Sates. It is not fixed yet, so I cannot figure out this year' plan clearly.

My plan in 2006

1.Smooth re-employment
2.Put my affairs in order
3.Cut down on expences
4.Look to my family's safety and hope hor thier health

Ah, this is not interesting. So here is other side:

1.BOOKS: Read 50 books, at least 1 original language.38 books last year. I read Bob Dylan's "Chronicles" in English. Try to read at least 1 English book.
2.MUSIC: Try to listen deeply. Listen my favorite musician more deeply this year.
3.GOLF: 95 is limit. Last year I hit more than 100 some times, but this year 95 is my limit. I will practice basic hard until March this year.
4.BEER: Stop drinking form Monday to Thursday. I drank about 212L of beer last year. I will cut this to 120L this year.

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