Saturday, February 04, 2006

What I got on Saturday

I got some CDs on Saturday. Actually this would not happen on this weekend but I had a lunch with my daughter on Saturday, because my wife went out for her business and my son went to highschool. We went to "kaitenzushi", which is a sushi bar where customers select their food from a revolving conveyor belt. After lunch my daughter asked me to bring her to Tsutaya, a rental AV shop. So I eventually rented some CDs. She, junior high school 1, grade rented some Jpanese Pop CDs and I, 40 something, rented followings.

(1)The Times They Are A-changin'/Bob Dylan
(2)No Secrets/Carly Simon
(3)Karka Bonof

(1) is Bob Dylan's 3rd album in 1964, which I have an LP. I have nothing to say about this record. I have an LP in 1972 of (2) as well. At that time her husband was still James Taylor, wasn't he? I haven't listened this record for a long time, but it is still very good, espacially "You're So Vain". Musicians on the back were excellent, Andy Newmark, Lowell George, Bill Payne, Jim Gordon, Jim Keltner, Nicky Hopkins, James Taylor, Paul& Linda McCartney, etc. I found that Mick Jagger was singing in "You're So Vain", which I found in a liner notes. (3) Karla Bonoff is famous for her songs which were recorded by Linda Ronstadt. This is her 1st album in 1977 and sidemen were wonderful, Kenny Edwards, Russ Kunkel, Lee Sklar, Waddy Wachtel, Andrew Gold, Dan Dugmore, Linda Ronstadt, Glen Frey, J.D. Souther, Wendy Waldman, etc.

In the afternoon, I went to City Library to return books, where I can also borrow AVs. I borrowed followings.

(4)Ramblin' Jack Eliot
(5)the Paul Butterfield Blues Band
(6)Restless Nights/Karla Bonoff

Jack Elliot recorded (4) in 1961 ,who was a 60's folk singer whom Bob Dylan had followed as well as Woody Guthrie. (5) in 1965 is 1st recording of The Paul Butterfield Bluse Band, which guitarists were Mike Bloomfield and Elvin Bishop. (6) in 1979 is her 2nd album and sidemen were
Kenny Edwards, Andrew Gold, J.D.Souther, Russ Kunkel, Wady Wachtel, Danny Korchmar, Don Henry, David Lindley, Rick Marrota, Garth Hudson, James Taylor, etc.

I also ordered (7) Bob Dylan's "Live at The Gaslight 1962" to Amazon U.S.A, which was sold last year only in Starbucks. I did't know about this because didn't annouce. Gaslight was famouse bar where Dylan appeared in his early days in New York. I wonder how many unreleased source of his singing will be releasing even in these days.

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