Monday, August 06, 2007

ABB Archives

Oh, I got 2 ABB CDs. ABB is The Allman Brothers Band, which is one of my most favorite American classic rock bands. I got #2 and #5 of their Archives. You can buy "official bootleg" at Hitting the Note.

I went to US Post Office to get Hold Mails of my apartment and my office this morning. My shipping address of these kind of shipments for CDs or other goods is my office. I put my mails on hold for my absence in my office,because I'm alone in my office and my apartment and travelling a lot for more than a week. I've been out of my town for about 2 weeks, so I asked USPS to put mails on hold before business trip to Phoenix, San Francisco and Las Vegas.

Duane Allman died on Octber 29, 1971 at motor cycle accident, and these audio sources were recorded on August 17, 1972 and September 19, 1971.

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