Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Prarie Wind T-shirt

Nothing exciting today. I went to bed at 11pm yesterday and got up at 5am this morning. I'm a man of 6-hour-sleep. So, if I go to bed at 10pm, I get up at 4am. Anyway, I went to my office at 7am today. Wow! I went to buy office supplies at Staples, went to USPS. I also went to buy slatwall hooks at display company. For what? Ha ha, it's a top secret of my job. I have lots of things to settle before I leave LA for Las Vegas this Friday. BUT, I stopped working at 6pm and went home. 11 hours is too enough.

Above pic is just a Neil Young's Prarie Wind T-shirt. When I bought this CD, I was in Japan. I wanted this T, so I ordered CD with T at Neil's Garage's store.

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