Sunday, March 19, 2006

Soubu Coutry Club North Course

I have just come back from Soubu Coutry Club North Course. Today I am day-off because I have to attend the meeting for retiree of my company in the afternoon. I have decided to quit my job and join the company I was temporarily transfered to. Mr.K, who went Taiheiyo Club Minori Course with me yesterday, is also off today, so we decided to play golf today in Soubu Country Club North Course because it is very near to our residences. This course is next to Soubu Country Club Inba Course and has beautiful nine holes with tall trees. Besides the condition of greens, Soubu Coutry Club North Course is one of the best public courses in Chiba prefecture with excellent cost performance. I hit some terrible shots but we enjoyed very much this morning.

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