Thursday, September 07, 2006

firehills went to the Embassy of United States

I went to the Embassy of United States Japan this morning for the first time. I got E2 visa before in 1999 but I didn't come here because travle agent submitted the application on behalf of me and there was no interview at that time in 1999. This time I have to get L1A visa to stay in Atlanta for my new assignment for the subsidiary of our company in United States.

They had a heavy security. I had an appointment at 9am and arrived at 8:40am at the gate. But there were already long cue there before the gate. We had to take the pet bottles out (I didn't have), mobile phones out, MP3 players out (I bought Samsung YP-U2 this week, the second MP3 player for me after Toshiba gigabeat). It was almost same as security check at the airport. It took almost 15 minutes for me to get in. Then I submitted the documents and entered into the waiting room, where more than 100 people were waiting. I was called at 9:40am to fingerprint both of my forefingers. What the hell was 9am appointment? I was called for an interview just 5 minutes later. I expected the consul would ask something to me but he didn't say anything at all. Anyway my application was approved and the consul told me my passport with visa would be sent out in one week.

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