Saturday, September 16, 2006

Neil Young with Linda and/or Nicolette (6): Harvest Moon

Neil Young's "Harvest Moon" was released in 1992, just 20 years after his No.1 album "Harvest" in 1972. Young played with the Stray Gators on his back, Kenney Buttley on drums, Tim Drummond on bass, Ben Keith on steel guitar and Spooner Oldham on keyboards. Almost same band as in Harvest's Stray Gators. Harmony vocals are Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor, Nicolette Larson, Astrid Young, Ben Keith and Larry Cragg. It is said "Harvest Moon" is one of Young's trilogy with "Harvest" and "Prairie Wind".

Linda and Nicolette freaks must have this album. They appears at:

1. Unknown Legend (Linda Ronstadt)
2. From Hank To Hendrix (Linda Ronstadt & James Taylor)
3. You And Me (Nicolette Larson)
4. Harvest Moon (Linda Ronstadt)
5. War Of Man (Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor & Nicolette Larson)
6. One Of These Days (Linda Ronstadt & James Taylor)
7. Such A Woman (Nicolette Larson)
8. Old King (Nicolette Larson)
9. Dreamin' Man (Nicolette Larson)
10. Natural Beauty (Nicolette Larson)

Linda, Nicolette and James, Wow! Who can make an album with harmony vocals of these three of greatest singers in California ? And is there any other Young's songs with these three on harmony vocal at one song ?

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lindanicci said...

Wonderful album!
You can enjoy Neil, Linda, Nicolette, ans James at the same tiem.