Friday, September 08, 2006

Heart of Mine: Love Songs of Bob Dylan

Maria Muldaur was born and raised in Greenwich Village. She appeared in my favorite book about Dylan "Down the Highway: The Life of Bob Dylan". I didn't know exactly about where thier ways came across. But I know now. We can also see her in Dylan's "No Direction Home". She wrote in liner notes of her new album "Heart of Mine: Love Songs of Bob Dylan", "Bob's song were different. Very Different. With great poetic skill and prophetic vision he brought a deep, fervent, compassionate, and amazingly perceptive overview to the many social issues he addresses". She fell in love with a song called "Moonlight" in Bob's "Love and Theft" and she wanted to record it. It takes some time for recording but finally it released. There are hundreds of covers of Dylan's songs recorded by various musicians like Byrds, PPM long time ago. I am surprised again that Dylan's songs are so beautiful when somebody else sings them. People may easily misunderstand Dylan's songs due to his throaty voice, but I believe his love songs themselves are so lovely and have eternity.

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