Sunday, March 04, 2007

Van Morrison At The Movies-Soundtrack Hits

I'm listening to Van Morrison At The Movies-Soundtrack Hits. I ordered to during my stay in Las Vegas. My favorite in this album, which is actually my favorite of all of Van Morrison's songs, is "Wonderful Remark". This song was for ending theme of Martin Scorsese's "King of Comedy" in 1983. Music of this film was directed and performed by Robbie Robertson of The Band. I have been looking for the soundtrack but I couldn't. It was released by LP in 1983 by Warner but not on CD. "Wonderful Remark" is in his album "Philosopher's Stone", but this is 8 minutes long version. So "Wonderful Remark" on this new album is original used in the film. We can hear Robbie Robertson's guitar play. I'm very sure. This new album is a kind of best album. Van Morrison is great!, because soundtracks only can make his best album.

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