Saturday, April 28, 2007

Firehills now in Los Angeles

I left Atlanta where I have been since October 2006 this morning and arrived Los Angeles. I have been in Downtown Los Angeles from July to November 1999 and Foster City from November 1999 to June 2002. I am now back to California, The Golden State. I'm now setting up Los Angeles Branch of our company, which will be the first office outside of Georgia where our head office is. I have to buy a desk, chairs, a desktop, a fax/printer/scanning machine, set up phone lines, DSL, VPN,..., anyway, everything from zero. It will be a small office in Torrance and I will be alone far away from our head office in Atlanta. This is a really challenging assignment for me. I will do my best here in Los Angeles. I will be travelling around in California, Nevada and Arizona where my clients are, so you can expect reports about hundreds of local places in the west.

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