Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I had a lot of trouble on Verizon again

I had a lot of trouble on Verizon again. I couldn't connect DSL in the morning. Verizon didn't send me any email about activation of DSL at my office. Scheduled activation was on May 25. Remember that they don't tell us any information if we don't ask them.

Anyway, a technician came to my office at 2pm, and went back to their central office to fix it. I could connect to Internet at around 4pm finally. Oh, it took more than one month to activate DSL since I ordered DSL in April.

I had one more trouble today. I need to set up voice mail on the phone in my office. But automatic system of Verizon said my office telephone number was not available number. What's the hell!? I called dumb customer service again. They called and told me after one hour that I could set up voice mail. Finally I could get full phone service and DSL connection.

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