Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I'm a Googler

I'm a Googler because I can't live without Google. I wake up in the morning and log on to Gmail. If I have a time I post an article to my blog by Blogger. In the office I often check Google Personalized Homepage, Gmail, Google Calendar and Google News. When I come back to my home, I log on to Gmail again and check Google Calendar, Google News, Google Reader, sometimes use Google Earth to watch something around the world. Before I went to Vietnam in May, I terminated NTT's OCN email account and changed to Gmail. I can read any message from around the world where I can access internet. I also like Google Toolbar, which is very useful when surfing in web, Mouse-over-dictionary, or spell-check function are good, Google Desktop, Picasa 2, digital photo manager are also my favorites.

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