Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My daughter left for Campaspe, Austaralia

Today is the last day of my summer holiday from August 11. On August 11 and 12, I went to Yoro Valley Hot Springs Resort. On August 14, I went to play golf at Funabashi Country Club. I really enjoyed my holiday, reading books, listening to music, playing golf and drinking beer, which are most favorite interests in my life.

Today on August 16, I went to the City Hall to see my daughter off. This evening She is leaving Tokyo International Airport for Shire of Campaspe, Australia as a member of exchange students. Our Shiroi City, Chiba has official International Friendship Agreement from February 13, 1998.

According to Campaspe's website, the agreement is on the basis of :-
* mutual exchange programs in education, economic development, tourism, culture and other activities of mutual benefit to further enhance the scope and depth of the existing relationship.
* these programs shall endeavour to contribute to the friendship between Japan and Australia and to world peace resulting in prosperity and long lasting friendship for all.
The friendship agreement is the culmination of a growing bond that has been formed between the two municipalities over many years, fostered through the highly successful Kyabram Secondary College student / teacher program established in 1991. The program has been an outstanding success, and is an excellent way of strengthening cultural ties with Japan.

My daughter, 14 years old, has been studying English for almost 10 years since she came back to Japan from Hong Kong in 1996. After all she got a chance to go abroad to try her English skill. This is a 11 days trip to Campaspe and Kyabram Secondary College, staying with host family. Campaspe is in Victoria State, 204 km north west of Melbourne. I hope she can get a new idea of the world and broaden her knowledge.

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