Sunday, December 17, 2006

Bea's Best Atlanta-2nd round

It has been from 45F to 70F this week in Atlanta, which has been a golfing day everyday. Of course I has been working on weekdays and I went to my office on Saturday, so I played only today, on Sunday. I usually look for public courses at, and I found Crooked Creek GC in Alpharetta. However when I arrived at the course, a man in the pro shop told me this was a semi-public and visitors couldn't play at weekend. So I went to the course nearby I knew, which was Bear's Best Atlanta, same as last week.

I arrived at around 8:30am, but the start was delayed due to frost. The driving range was opened after 9am. I practiced about 50 balls and checked in at 9:50am. Shotgun start from 18th hole. My driver was terrible at front nine but it started to work at back nine. 54 and 45, total 99 was a little bit unsatisfactory but I could find something in today's round. Today I found some female fore caddies here. Unfortunately they didn't join us. I will sure to come to this course next time. I'm sure...

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