Saturday, July 14, 2007

Firehills went to see an eye doctor

I consulted an ophthalmologist, eye doctor, last last week, because I got a sty in my left eye. I called Japanese doctor, but I was introduced to Dr. Marsico in Gardena, as Dr. Miyamoto, Japanese doctor, wasn't there on that day. Dr. Marsico is 4th generation of Italian, and very nice guy. I went to see him on Thursday this week again to be checked. Still some problem there on my left eye. BUT! I felt very bad on my right eye all on a sudden Friday morning. What's the hell? Yesterday, I got an urgent reservation. This morning I went to see him again and found it was no ploblem on my right eye. There was a scratch on my face just below my right eye, that's all. It seemd I found a raised portion in my right eye, but it was a glandula lacrimalis, a hole which tears come from. Oh my goodness, I've never look at my eyes so close. There is a same raised portion, a samll hole, in my left eye too. Anyway, I was asked to massage my left eye for one more week.

I went to a motor vehicle workshop to get a periodical maintenance for my Honda CR-V. It took an hour, so I went to Starbucks and read papers, Los Angeles Times and The Daily Breeze, listening to XM Radio. Is that all for today? No. I went to my office at around 11am and stayed there until 3pm, making various reports and checking my schedule. Then I went to workout for my health.

I had only cookies and water for my lunch today, and I'm drinking a bottle of Yule Smith Holiday Ale now at around 10pm. It is really nice for my stomach.

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