Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Road to Escondido

"The Road to Escondido", if you hear this and remember it's the title of J.J.Cale and Eric Clapton's collaboration album, you are a very good music fan. I also have this album and are wondering where Escondido is. Escondido is here. After my business I visited Downtown Escondido and then, Stone Brewing Company in Escondido, one of the top American micro breweries. Oh, Alesmith Brewing Company is also one of the top. I bought some ales at both breweries. I can show them next time.

PS: Thank you, Mr.Moribeer, I visited both!


moribeer said...

Oh, you visited at Stone, too! It's awsome! I really envy you. I'm glad you enjoyed Alesmith and Stone. You can find those beers at LA area, too.

The beer ranking chart you took picture is acturally from website. You can find a lot of fine breweries.

Eric Clapton! Escondido! I didn't know this album. I'll try this when I have a chance. Thank you for your input!

firehills said...

Dear moribeer
Thanks a lot! I made it. The breweries you told me were one of the best in U.S.