Friday, July 13, 2007

Highway One Again

Pier at Capitola

Capitola Avenue, Capitola

River Inn at Big Sur

Sea and Sky at Hwy 1

Entrance of Hearst Castle

Morro Rock

On Wednesday, I drove down Highway One, stopping by at Capitola, near Santa Cruz, Big Sur, Hearst Castle, and Morro Bay. From south of Carmel to Hearst Castle, I had a hard driving for nealy 70 miles at Highway One with hundreds of dangerous curves and hills. I took the photo of "Sea and Sky at Hwy 1" after I stopped my car. But when I saw the scene, driving on downslope, I couldn't recognize where was the borderline of the Pacific Ocean and the sky. It was really amazing. I can't forget this scene in my life.

On Wednesday, I drove 430 miles a day. Total miles I drove for these 4 days was 1,300 miles. Wow!

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