Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mendocino, California

A weinery at CA-128

Old-growth forest of Redwood at CA-128

Main Street, Mendocino

US Post Office at Jener, CA

Highway 1 at North San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge (Southbound)

On Tuesday, I drove up on US-101 and went west on CA-128. CA-128 is really nice driving route, 60 miles to Highway 1 on the coast, with lots of weneries and wild forest of redwood. I worried if I had an traffic accident here. If I was lost in this forest, no one could find me.

Mendocino is a kind of hiding place. But this is really nice place for my business. Anyway, I visited my customer here and Fort Bragg, 10 miles north of Mendocino. Then I drove back to San Francisco. I found a quite rare US Post Office in Jenner, a small town at Highway 1. I bought a Cabernet of Husch Vineyards at a store at Hwy 1, not at the weinery.

I drove about 400 miles on Tuesday. It's a lo--ng drive, but it's a fun. I want to come back to Mendocino again.

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