Monday, January 29, 2007

firehills is back to Atlanta


University of Phoenix Stadium

Firehills in Morro Bay

Palm Desert, California (Next to Palm Springs)

Firehills was away from Atlanta for two weeks to Los Angeles, California and Phoenix, Arizona for lo---ng business trip. I left Atlanta on Jan 15 for Los Angeles, staying Super 8 Motel in downtown, visiting my clients, attending trade show at Los Angeles Convention Center. I also visited my clients in Temecula, Morro Bay and Palm Springs. I have played golf in Palm Springs before but I have never visited other cities when I have stayed in Los Angeles in 1999.

Then I flyed to Phoenix, Arizona for the first time. Before trade show at the Phoenix University Stadium (Cardinals Stadium), I visited my client in Sedona, 100 miles north of Phoenix. I never been to Grand Canyon but I realized the earth was like this.

At the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, I had to wait there for more than six hours because the starter of the jet engine was out of order and it's replacement or parts was sent from Los Angeles or San Diego by FedEx or something.

Anyway, I arrived at my apartment at around 9pm. It was a long day.

I went to Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Phoenix for my music experience during my business trip for two weeks. Oh, I also went to Karaoke bar in downtown Los Angeles, but it was terrible. Phoenix is one of the best places to play golf but I didn't of course. I had no time to play. Ummm.

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