Sunday, January 14, 2007

Mystery Valley Golf Club 2nd Day

I went to Mystery Valley Golf Club again. I arrived before 8am, and got the first tee time at 8am. I was asked at pro-shop whether I was a resident of Dekalb or not. I said no. Play fee was $30 today. Yesterday's was resident rate, I think. He also asked my first name and input it in computer so that he could recognize me next time. This course has very god yardage guide book. I bought it because this would be my home courses with Sugar Creek Golf & Tennis.

Today, my shots was not as good as yesterday's. But I marked 47 with 19 putts at front nine and 43 with 16 putts at back nine. Putting was improved very much today without 4 putts.

Biggest difference of golf in the U.S. and Japan is playing time. We finished 18th hole in within 3 and half hour. In Japan, if 4 sum, it would take at least more than 5 hours. 1 to 1 and half hour drive, and 5 hour round in Japan and it costs $200 at weekend! I must stay in the U.S. to play golf.

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