Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Van Morrison at Silver Spurs Arena, Kissimmee, Florida

On Jan 2, I went to Silver Arena in Kissimmee, Florida. Yes! Van Morrison's concert. I arrived at around 6pm, way before opening time at 7:30pm. There were about 100 people there but the gate was closed. Around 7pm the gate was opened and I went straight to the shop, got CD "Live at Austin City Limits Festival"($20) and T-shirt($30) with a free cap. After that I had a beer and hot dog. Audience is almost more than 40 year old. I could not find any Japanese or Asian people there. I was at 110 J 2 at floor, but seats way behind me were vacant and 70% occupancy at 2nd floor.

At 7:30pm as scheduled, the Band started to play. Then Van Morrison appeared with saxophone playing "Domino". I remember following songs only. So please let me know whole set.

1. Domino
3. Bright Side of the Road
5. Days Like This

During 6th song Van Morrison introduced the band members. It seemed same as "Live at Austin" If it was so, Tony Fitzgibbon (Violin), John Allair (Hammond Organ), Ned Edwards (Electric Guitar), John Platania (Electric Guitar), Cindy Cashdollar (Steel Guitar), David Hayes (Bass), Neil Wilkinson (Drums), Crawford Bell (Backing Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Trumpet), Karen Hammil (Backing Vocal), Janeen Daly (Backing Vocal).

9. Back on Top

Van Morrison started to play acoustic guitar from 15th song.

17. I Can't Stop Loving You
20. Wild Night
21. Brown Eyed Girl
22. Gloria

Last 3 songs were same as "Live at Austin". Van Morrison didn't talk much. Except introduction of the band members, he said "Thank you" only 3 times as I remember.

He was great. He was singing and singing 22 songs, with no rest at all.

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