Monday, June 04, 2007

Back to Torrance, California

I left Travelodge at 9am, visited my customers in Planet Hollywood, Stratosphere, Palace Station, Las Vegas Outlet Center, South Point. It was around 107F today. Very hot! I left Las Vegas for Los Angeles at around 3pm. Photo is around the boarder of Nevada and California. There are 4000-foot mountains in front of me. This business trip was not so successful than expected, but I believe I can do something next time.

PS:I visited a lot of casinos, but this is a business trip. So no gamble, nothing, only business. Believe me.

PS2:I heard rebroadcasting of Bob Dylan's "Theme Time Radio" on XM twice during driving. I also heard Grateful Dead Special. I don't have many CDs of the Dead, but they has a tune named "Fire on the Mountain", which is a kind of my nickname, isn't it?

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