Wednesday, June 13, 2007

California Driver License

I got my California Driver License today. I thought it would take a month to be mailed, but I got it today. In United States, form of the license is different in each state. California's is above and Georgia's is below in the pic. It's so strange to have two photo IDs in the U.S. What will happen? I can still drive a car if I lose one of the licenses. Georgia's will expire on August 2009, which is my visa's expiry date, but California's expiry date is the first birth date in 5 years, which is April 6, 2012. My last California license expired in 2003. DVD of California renewed my license very easily, without driving test, even if I haven't had a license for more than 4 years. Anyway, I am a California boy now, officially.

PS: Georgia didn't ask me to provide my fingerprint but California asked me. Georgia didn't ask me to take my glasses off when taking photo, but California asked me to take them off.

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