Sunday, June 03, 2007

Burning sands in Las Vegas

I'm now in a room at Travelodge Las Vegas South Strip. The room isn't comfortable without refrigerator, but the location is excellent between Polo and Planet Hollywood. $59 for one night isn't bad for business trip. Yes, this trip is my first long drive since I moved to Los Angeles. Four and half hours drive from Los Angeles. I have drove 450 miles a day in Georgia, Alabama or Mississippi, so only 280 miles is a piece of cake.

Today's Las Vegas had more than 100F, very very hot. I "understand" from the air or google earth that Las Vegas is in deserts, but now I "know" it is really in deserts. I saw real burning sands on I-15.

My boss and I went to Hamada of Japan for dinner, which is said the best Japanese restaurant in Las Vegas. But I was very disappointed at the foods here. Appetizer is so so, BUT, my main dish "Ten Zaru", Japanese cold "soba" with Tempura was terrible, with too soft noodle and bad-looking Tempura. I can't believe this is the best Japanese restaurant in Las Vegas. I never come back here again.

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