Sunday, June 10, 2007

Trump National Golf Club

From Black tee on the 18th hole

That's Black tee on the 18th hole, from the green side of 17th hole

1st hole

I was in my office from 8am to 2:30pm today, Sunday. I have no day off recently, but I need work out, you know, on the green, at least on the weekend. I arrived Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes at 3pm. It takes 20-30 minutes only from my apartment. The course hosted LPGA's Office Depot Championship in October 2005. I teed off alone from blue tees, front nine has 3346 yards, at 3:20pm, the first start of twilight rate, $194.99. Wow! It seems too expensive, BUT I found there was a great worth in it. I can see the sea from all 18 holes. I think the view itself can be same as or better than Pebble Beach Golf Links or Spanish Bay in Monterey Peninsula. Don't ask my score. I gave up to keep my score after 8th hole, where I hit 3 balls into the water. Fairways are narrow, no safety zone, rough has more than 3 inches. On the back nine, I teed up on the white tee, 2738 yards. I didn't keep my score any more, but I lost more than 10 balls out here. So don't imagine that. Black tee on the 18th hole is a kind of fear. Of course I teed up at white tee, because I was almost running out my balls.

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