Thursday, November 02, 2006

Blue Heron Golf Club

I went to play golf at Blue Heron Golf Club on Sunday, October 22.

After I worked at my office from 8am to 10am, and received a washer and a dryer from Lowe's at around 12pm. Set up of a washer and a dryer finished at around 1pm. Then I went to Blue Heron, which is open to public and has 1 par 5, 5 par 4s and others are all par 3s, total par 61 course, with 4,1-2 yards at blue tee. Condition of greens and fairways are not so good and very hilly, narrow fairways. It was very tough for me. I walked alone but I recommend not to walk here. Play fee was $32.10, including electoric cart. I didn't keep my scores but I made some good shots. I finished 18 holes for 3 hours. It was my first appearance at golf course in Atlanta.

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