Monday, November 27, 2006

Neil Young & Crazy Horse at Filmore East March 6&7, 1970

I bought "Neil Young & Crazy Horse at Filmore East March 6&7, 1970" at Best Buy in Atlanta. It cost more than in Amazon, but I couldn't wait until Amazon's delivery.

In March 1970, "Deja Vu" by CSNY was released. This album was a more than $2 million pre-sale album and became one of the best selling albums in 1970. But Neil Young had been playing with Carzy Horse before "Deja Vu" and his rock'n roll with Crazy Horse was completely different from with CSN.

CSN had holiday from Jan 1970 after a long gig, but Neil Young started short U.S. tour with Crazy Horse and Jack Nitzsche. Filmore East was a live performance of one of these stages. Sound is good, as Neil Young approved to release this album as a official one. It is said Neil Young would issue as a box set, but he changed his mind to issue these unreleased tapes like Bob Dylan's "Bootleg Series".

"Come on Baby Let's Go Down Town" on Filmore East might be same recording as one in "Tonight's The Night", I think. Sound is better than "Tonight's The Night". "Down by the River" more than 12 minutes and "Cowgirl in the Sand" more than 16 minutes are really something.

The stage at this time was with acoustic set by Neil Young and electric set with Carzy Horse. I wonder why no "Cinnamon Girl", which bootlegs of this stage includes and why no acoustic set (it is said tapes of acoustic set is lost. I can't find any bootlegs of acoustic set). 43:19 minutes isn't enough but this is really wonderful live album. I can't believe that this is a recording more than 36 years ago. Hurrah for Neil!

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