Monday, November 20, 2006

Wave Music System by Bose and "The Road to Escondido" by JJ & EC

My stereo set of Pioneer was broken finally, which traveled between Hong Kong, U.S.A. and Japan more than 10 years. I decided to buy Bose's Wave Music System. I don't mind audio system at all even if I am a maniac classic rock fan. Wave Music System is quite good. It performs very well comparing to ordinary mini stereo set. No problem at full blast. It costs $499 only before tax.

I bought J.J.Cale & Eric Clapton's "The Road to Escondido" in a record shop in a mall which Bose had retail shop last last weekend. This album was recorded in August 2005 in California and I found Escondido in northern San Diego. Clapton plays his guitar quietly and calmly as we can listen in his Crossroads Guitar Festival with JJ. I like his guitar with JJ. Anyway, this collaboration album goes down history, I believe. After coming back to my apartment, this CD continued to play by Bose's Wave Music System for a long time.

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